Ferrari unveils new F1-inspired supercar July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 admin

Ferrari has unveiled a new sports car for the upcoming FIA Formula 1 championship, dubbed the Ferrari F1.

In a short video posted on its website, the company showed off a concept of the new supercar, which has been dubbed the “Ferrari F1”.

Ferraris supercar The new F#1 sports car was unveiled in a short teaser video.

The car is based on the existing Ferrari F150 supercar.

Its design is reminiscent of the F150, with its “high-tech” aerodynamic bodywork, carbon fiber monocoque, and twin-turbocharged engines.

This will be a “major step in F1,” Ferrari says, adding that “the new Ferrari F# 1 sports car is a direct response to the need for a new breed of supercar that brings a different sensibility to the sport.”

Ferraro says the new car will be “in the category of the most advanced sports cars ever built,” which is also why it has chosen to use a supercar’s “performance characteristics.”

The supercar is based around an aluminum tubular body, and features a new hybrid engine, a carbon fiber-alloy roof, carbon-fiber-alloys for the nose, and a carbon-hydride chassis.

Fiat said the new sports cars are “the most technologically advanced sports car ever built.”

“The new F-1 sports cars will be based on an aluminum chassis and a hybrid engine with a new carbon fiber and carbon-alluminum body, while the rear wing and carbon fiber rear wing will be carbon fiber,” it says.

“It is also the first F1 car to use the new F15 chassis.”

The car will go on sale in 2017.

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