Italian sports cars get the green light July 16, 2021 July 16, 2021 admin

By Nick OzaReuters| December 17, 2016| 03:04:27The Italian sports car industry is gearing up to begin its biggest comeback in more than 50 years, with some of the country’s biggest brands set to join the ranks.

The government will make a decision on whether or not to allow Italian sports and racing teams to take part in the 2016 Formula E championship in the coming weeks, according to The Associated Press, which first reported the news.

The news comes amid a broader overhaul of the sports car market as more companies take on roles in the burgeoning ride-sharing industry.

In the past two decades, the auto industry has undergone a major overhaul, and the government is taking a hard look at how it should be managed in the future.

Last year, the government introduced legislation that would require new entrants to be “banked” for capital to be raised from private investors.

The new regulations will also allow companies to take on additional roles as part of the sport’s expansion.

For instance, Audi and Ferrari will be allowed to become “associations” for the first time, a move that would allow them to take a greater share of the racing action.

Audi has already established an affiliation with the Formula E Championship, which has been launched in Italy this year.

Ferrari has also established a team for the series.

The move is being seen as a move towards a broader integration of the Italian sports industry.

Last year, Italy’s government announced plans to make the country the first European Union member state to require all car makers to pay the same taxes as the rest of the EU.

This will allow for a larger portion of profits to be shared across the bloc.

In order to gain greater control over the industry, the new government is also expected to set up a national regulatory body.

The move to include the Italian companies in the Formula One Championship is being viewed by some as a sign of the government’s determination to expand the industry into other regions.

The government has also recently signed a deal with a consortium of sports and technology companies to build the next generation of electric cars.