The Next Supercar: BMW M5 Hybrid Sport-Cars in 4K|Video July 4, 2021 July 4, 2021 admin

BMW is bringing the world of hybrid sports cars to the masses with the launch of a new M5 hybrid sports-car in 4k, the company’s first 4k vehicle in nearly two decades.

The M5 is the first sports car in history to be made entirely in hybrid form, with its unique chassis and engine making it a unique beast.

The 4K model is powered by an all-electric motor and comes equipped with an electric power steering system and an electric motor/hydraulic clutch system.

It has a power output of about 9,000 hp, which is the equivalent of an all Nissan Leaf, with a top speed of 155 mph.

The BMW M4 Hybrid Sport Car comes with a base price of $49,999, and the 5 Series Hybrid Sport Coupe with 4WD option is priced at $69,999.

Both vehicles are available in the US starting in 2018.

The upcoming BMW M6 Hybrid sports car will be unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

The new BMW M3 hybrid sports coupe is coming out next year and will be a two-door sedan.

It is equipped with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine and is powered primarily by electric power, with the latter used in the suspension and wheels.

The 6 Series Hybrid sports couter is priced between $35,990 and $39,990, depending on options.

The all-wheel drive versions of the M5 and M4 will be powered by either a hybrid or a gasoline engine.

BMW M series cars in 4 k will be available in four different color schemes.

The color choices are red, black, silver, and grey.

The new BMW 4 Series Hybrid, the world’s first all-carbon-fiber hybrid sports vehicle, is expected to be announced next year, with production beginning in 2019.

The car is expected for production in 2020.