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Pagani is one of the world’s most recognizable car brands, with more than 500 models.

But in recent years, its global sales have been falling, and it has had to make tough decisions.

It’s not because of its product, but rather because of the changing face of the car industry.

As the market changes, some brands are having trouble staying relevant, while others struggle to survive.

Pagani may be among those brands that are struggling to stay relevant.

Pagania is among those struggling to surviveThe global Pagani market is still growing, but the brand is struggling to find a way to remain relevant.

In 2016, the brand sold fewer than 2,500 cars, down from 5,400 in 2015.

And while that’s a significant drop from the peak year of over 7,000 in 2016, it’s still nowhere near the number of vehicles that the brand saw in 2015 and 2016.

“We were growing our global presence, and we were growing the number and number of cars we produced, but as a global brand we couldn’t keep up with the growth of our global footprint,” said Christian Mennig, chief brand officer of Pagani.

“The key for Pagani was to stay true to the roots, to stay with our heritage and to continue the legacy of Paganica.”

In 2017, Pagani produced over 5,000 cars in its global footprint, which was down from over 12,000 last year.

The brand is hoping that this year will be the year that it makes another big jump.

“With the changes in the car market, we are able to build up a brand with the ability to grow beyond our existing base of brands, which is why we are very excited to start our next phase with a refreshed lineup of Pagans and a new product lineup,” Mennic said.

In the meantime, Pagania will continue to make cars and sell them in the U.S. through its dealerships.