Why Nissan’s new GT-R is so good August 21, 2021 August 21, 2021 admin

The Nissan GT-40 is a monster, but Nissan says it’s still not ready to go full-on GT-powered.

In a new teaser, Nissan showed off a GT-Rs new front end, new rear suspension, new wheels and more, all for $35,500.

The car has been called the “ultimate GT-like” and is one of the most extreme supercars ever built.

The teaser also showed off some of the cars interior, which includes a full-sized “Super GT” console.

The GT-S, which was also shown, is a much more compact car, and its interior is very similar to the GT-20, the most expensive car in the car’s history.

The interior of the GT 40 also includes a large touchscreen, and the interior is designed to fit the GT40’s “super-thin” body.