Audi takes on Mercedes in world premiere of new car title September 20, 2021 September 20, 2021 admin

BERLIN — Audi and Mercedes will be shown at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show together for the first time.

The carmaker is the only one of three carmakers with an official production plant in the country.

The two other two are Nissan and Peugeot.

The new Audi R8 sports car, which will be unveiled in the morning at the show, will debut in the first official production run at the plant.

It will have a base price of 3.7 million euros ($4.9 million) and will be sold in the new A-Class, R-Class and A8 trim levels.

It will be priced from 5,700 euros ($7,800) to 7,500 euros ($8,500).

The A7 sedan is the company’s most recent sports car.

The A7 sports sedan was announced in May 2019 and the car has been in production since March 2020.

Audi will unveil its new sports car on Thursday.

The company also unveiled a new Audi Sport Tourer sedan and an Audi Q3 crossover.