Lego Star Wars: Battlefront’s multiplayer beta gets more content September 3, 2021 September 3, 2021 admin

On Wednesday, Electronic Arts confirmed to Polygon that the second beta for the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront will feature a host of additional content.

The beta will be a full release, but EA expects that most of the new content will be free.EA will also release a new multiplayer map, dubbed “Maiden’s Peak,” as part of the release.

EA’s new map will feature eight new areas, with new vehicles and locations.

The new map also adds a new class: the “Sith Assassin.”EA is also offering a $10 EA Gift card for all players in the beta.EA is currently offering a limited time-limited limited time offer for Star Wars game players who pre-order Star Wars Star Wars – Battlefront, the first installment in EA’s “Star Wars Battlefields” series.

The offer is valid until March 18.