Toyota unveils ‘supercar’ of 2017 – Newsday September 25, 2021 September 25, 2021 admin

Toyota has unveiled the next generation of its ‘supercars’ – and it’s a supercar to rival the McLaren P1. 

The company is set to unveil the new, super-powered sports car at the Tokyo Auto Show in a showcase for its new Super-Elite SUV line. 

“We are confident in the new generation of the SuperElite,” Toyota said in a statement.

“We want to deliver a new generation in an exciting way, using technology to make it a truly new vehicle.” 

The new ‘super’ SUV will be based on a Toyota Supra and will have an all-new engine and suspension.

It will be able to reach speeds of up to 155km/h (87mph), it said.

The ‘super car’ will be a new vehicle category in the supercar category, which is a segment that Toyota’s supercar division has focused on for years. 

Toyota’s super car will feature an all new engine and a new suspension The ‘super cars’ will feature a ‘super-fast, supercar-like’ chassis that is based on Toyota’s new ‘Super-Elites’ architecture, the company said. 

This new SuperElites architecture has been built to handle the demands of supercars and will offer greater stability and safety, as well as being more fuel efficient, according to Toyota. 

With the new ‘hybrid’ engine, Toyota is aiming to make the Supra supercar a more versatile and fun-to-drive vehicle. 

As such, it’s expected that the new vehicle will be equipped with a new hybrid powertrain. 

Supercars have long been the focus of Toyota, and the company has previously said it wants to make its own supercar series. 

It is currently planning to produce its own sports car in 2018.