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With a new year coming up, there are many people who are excited about the launch of the next big sports car.

But there are also many people out there who aren’t as excited.

So what will the next version of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Vantage have in store for us?

And why are there two V8s?

The Vantage, which has become a cult favourite, is a V8 powered, supercharged V8 sports car with a 4.6L V8 engine, which makes around 350kwh and is capable of a top speed of 190km/h.

The V8 was designed to be the first supercharged car in the world.

Aston Martin and the Aston Group are working on the next-generation of the V8 in a bid to give it a wider appeal.

The first V8 to be supercharged is the Vantage GTS, which will debut in 2019.

Aston says it will be the world’s first super-charged supercar.

“The next generation of the supercar is set to hit the streets in 2019,” said a statement on the Aston website.

“It will be powered by the world-class V8 Supercharged engine, a direct response to the customer’s needs, and is expected to deliver a supercar-like performance in both torque and output.”

What will the supercharged version look like?

“The new supercharged model will offer performance, refinement and comfort to the consumer,” said the statement.

“Its styling is a continuation of the signature Aston Martin signature, a classic Aston Martin silhouette.

The GTS is expected by some to offer more power and to deliver more fun in the road.”

Aston Martin says the super-charging V8 will deliver a more powerful version of its flagship Vantage GT, and will feature new styling and styling details.

“We’re very excited about our next-gen supercharged GTS supercar,” said Aston Martin spokesperson, Ben Smith.

“For example, the GTS features a new hood design that takes cues from the iconic Aston Martin design, as well as an all-new grille.

The supercharged GT will also be a lot more comfortable to drive.”

Aston is hoping the supercharging GTS will also appeal to more people who have a love for supercars.

“Supercharging has been a massive passion for the G.

We think it’s going to be a huge hit for the V. It will be a big step forward for the supercharger and it will bring a much-needed change to the way supercharging is done in the automotive world,” said Smith.

Aston’s new superchargers are expected to start hitting the road in 2019, with the first cars arriving by 2025.

Aston also says the VX-12 Supercharged Vantage will be released by 2025, but it won’t be supercharging in it.

“Aston Martin Vantage Supercharged will be supercharged using a special superchargor system that uses an aluminium and magnesium alloy block and an aluminium intake manifold, the latter of which is designed to deliver high torque at high rpm,” said an Aston Martin press release.

“This system provides an incredible amount of torque and a highly efficient superchargment.

Aston is the first car in history to have such a supercharging system in its supercar.”

What do I need to know about supercharging?

“In order to fully understand the super charging experience, you will need to have the latest version of a smartphone with a fast-charging feature,” said Rob MacKenzie, chief marketing officer for Aston Martin.

“Our superchargery will work in the same way as a standard superchargerkart does.

This is how you will be able to get started supercharging your supercar in a supercharged vehicle.””

If you do not have access to the latest supercharging technology, you can recharge your supercharged cars via a car-to-car charging station.

This is how you will be able to get started supercharging your supercar in a supercharged vehicle.”

The supercharging experience will vary depending on your location and vehicle.

“There will be some areas where supercharging will be restricted due to traffic, while others may be fully supercharged and allow access to supercharging stations.”

Aston says the first of its supercharged supercars will be ready for the road by 2025 or 2026, while the other two will follow in 2019 and 2028.

What about the V-12 Vantage?

“We are already working on our next supercharged edition of the flagship V-10 Vantage.

It’s called the V12 Supercharger,” said MacKynes.

“In 2018, we introduced the V10 Superchargers, which offered an enhanced performance and torque to the Velvets supercharged range.

This year, we are delivering a new supercharging V-1200 Superchargor for the Aston Vantage supercharged line-up.

The next-in-line for the Superchargering Velvetas is a new