Suzuki unveils the Suzuki sports sedan: Inside the futuristic design November 26, 2021 November 26, 2021 admin

Suzuki will unveil the first generation of its upcoming SUV, the Suzuka S, on Thursday at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The company’s latest SUV, dubbed the S-Class, will offer a range of performance and technology that is reminiscent of the classic Japanese sports cars of yesteryear.

“We can say with confidence that we have done the unthinkable with the new S-class SUV,” said Yoshihide Sugimoto, head of production at Suzuka, in a statement.

“We are now able to design a sporty and modern SUV with a purposeful design, which will allow the new SUVs to become a real sportscar in the future.”

The new SUV is the result of a collaboration between the company and Toyota Motor Corp. The two companies worked on several concepts for the S model, including an electric sports car, a hybrid sports car and a hybrid SUV.

The new SUV is expected to debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Exposition, which takes place in late September.

The company has already revealed its first two sports car models, the J-Class and the N-Class.

A J-class model is expected in 2020, while the N class is expected by 2025.

The automaker said it has begun testing the J and N models, and expects to start producing them in 2020.

The next SUV, expected to be a crossover, will be the JKR-branded JKR Sedan, the company said.