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How to get your car to drive itself in the NFL

By Jeff KingA new study by the National Safety Council shows that many sports cars are getting old and slow, with many of the most advanced cars having just 10,000 miles of driving history.The safety council conducted the survey in December and found that more than half of sports car owners are not using their…

How to build your own 1960s sports car

The 1960s were the most iconic decade in automotive history.They ushered in a generation of cars that were the first to offer the driver a true sports car experience.Here’s how you can build your very own 1960’s sports car.Read More

Fox Sports car ‘F-1’ will win 20-race ‘2030’ tourney

Fox Sports’ F-1 car will make its 20th appearance in the 2030 Tour de France on Thursday.The F-0 will drive the opening round in Belgium, before racing in France on Saturday and then in Italy, Spain and Italy again on Sunday.“We’ve been racing F- series cars for the past 15 years,” F1’s Chief Executive Officer…