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     The pursuit of excellence in automotive design Image and video hosting by TinyPic
With over 30 years of experience in advanced concept car design and manufacturing as an owner/operator in the automotive industry; founder Eric Adickes launches Adix Motor Works as a conduit to fulfill his passion for building custom cars.

At Adix Motor Works our cars and products are designed, developed and built to the highest OEM quality standards with an emphasis on progressive design. Building hot cars is in our blood and is our passion.

Eric Adickes began his automotive career at a young age with his father Fred Adickes, Co-inventor of the HOT WHEELS. Fred also was a GM engineer on the 1st Generation Corvette program. At a young age of 10 Eric was an apprentice learning the process of design, clay modeling, engineering, invention, and fabrication builds; instilling the “anything is possible” mentality. While growing up in California, Eric’s next-door neighbor and family friend was Carroll Shelby. This upbringing had a profound influence on his career as an entrepreneur and his future projects such as…

Completed Build Projects:
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Client History:

• Shelby Series 1
• Ford Off Road Concept Truck “Equator”
• GM Concept show car “Chevy Traverse”
• GM Gen 5 Camaro Design study concept models 
• GM Supercar from “The Island”
• Audi Advanced Design 
• “I, Robot” Vehicle Bodies 

• Porsche “997” and “Boxster” advanced design program

Shelby American
Lee Iacocca 


And many more.